Ultra Sonic Food Cleaners

Ultra sonic fruit cleaners are a new high tech kitchen gadgets
The general public is just getting to notice them and sales are going up.

I will be doing some research on what to look out for when buy these food washers.

They are a little pricey, but if you want to eat clean food this is the way to go.
You can buy a nice unit for under $250.00 and fancy ultra sonic food cleaners $500.00
I think it’s going a little far with making ultrasonic food cleaners that add colloidal silver to the wash. it’s environmentally unsound because this will leach into the ground and bill the good bacteria.

We grown a good percentage of our own vegetables and some fruits. This will be a nice addition to our food processing.

Ultra sonic fruit washer
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Ultra Sonic Fruit Cleaner Washer | Efficiency Washer Cleaner


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Ultra sonic fruit cleaner

12.8 L Digital Ultrasonic Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner Review – Yes


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Kendal SI-6000A Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Ozone Vegetable, Fruit and Meat Cleaner and Detoxification

Kendal SI-6000A Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Ozone Vegetable, Fruit and Meat Cleaner and Detoxification

Digital Ultrasonic Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner


12.8 L Digital Ultrasonic Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner by Kingsmart; Multipurpose cleansing and sterilization household used appliance; Ultrasonic get rid ofs dust from inaccessible corner; Nano-silver suppresses micro

Ultrasonic Fruit Vegetable Cleaner



Ultrasonic Food Washer

Ultrasonic food washer for cleaning you produce. Uses ultrasound, ozone, and ionic silver. Kills Biowarfare engineered E-coli, removes radionuclides from fallout, breaks down chemtrail residues, makes your food safe to eat…

Ultra Sonic Vegetable Cleaner
Ultra Sonic Vegetable Cleaner from dong yang science

Ultra sonic cleaners can be found on Ebay for a much better price, that’s where I’m looking.


Ultrasonic nozzle promises better cleaning with less water – Innovation Toronto

http://www.innovationtoronto.com/Nov 23, 2011

In many industries, such as health care, food preparation and electronics manufacturing, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Tim Leighton and Dr Peter Birkin, the nozzle generates ultrasound and bubbles, both of which travel down the water stream and onto the surface being cleaned.

This video is in Chinese, but you can still understand it. This about built in ultra sonic sink, they call it a dish washer. This is the best modern designed kitchen I’ve ever seen.

They even clean their watch and jewelry in the sink, Great movie.

Utrasonic Dishwasher.VOB

New Technology Introduction. Use of Ultrasonic in cleaning, sterilizing, vegetable, sea food, clothe and dish washing.

Ultra sonic food washers clean food like you never seen.

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